On-Site Porperty Services


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Property Management Services


Our property management department is geared to tackle all major and minor structural  works which might seem too much to handle or which are too much time consuming.


Our team of serious professionals all proud of and true to their profession, leading our personnel makes all jobs well done and leaves no room for disappointment.


On-Site offers a comprehensive Management and Maintenance agreement for a yearly nominal fee, which includes regular property inspections, supported by regular reports, payment of utility bills, as well as organising general repairs and maintenance together with cleaning when necessary. We have an experienced team of plumbers, electricians, decorators, gardeners and cleaning personnel all of which are reliable and trustworthy that can look after your property on a regular basis or when the need arises. We offer different packages including the services to suit all sort of individual requirements, all at an economical rate, which will be agreed upon before finalising the agreement.

The services provided in-house include full Architectural services and project management of any projects in mind. Feasibility studies and economic appraisals form an important aspect of the work. 
The Architectural Design Section is responsible for the delivery of major works like reconstruction and renovating, as well as the provision of minor works which need to be seen to from time to time.


The objective of this section is to achieve a high quality of building design with value for money based on good management procedures and professional standards. One can freely say that this department is crucial to the property services. These services also include cyclical condition surveying of the properties, formulating and implementing a programme of planned works to address the needs and a daily response service.